Monday, June 28, 2010

New Orleans Chef Chef Susan Spicer Tackles Petro Bully BP

From the moment I first met Chef and James Beard Award winner Susan Spicer of Bayona in New Orleans, I was hooked. Her flavor, sophistication, sass and culinary genius were apparent and nearly overwhelming, but for her innate sense of nuance and restraint. In short the perfect balance of strong and soft. I was asked to write the forward for Winning Styles, the best compilation of James Beard Award winner profiles and recipes, I was honored. I immediately knew i wanted to highlight the profile of Chef Spicer. She was outstanding to me, even in such an esteemed group as James Beard Award winning chefs. When I read this morning that this woman was going to battle versus petro bully giant BP, I cheered. Loundly. Join me in supporting her efforts. June 28, 2010New Orleans, LouisianaBayona Corporation brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of restaurantsin New Orleans who are impacted by the ongoing oil spill. The lawsuit ismore about the restaurant industry in New Orleans than about Susan Spicerand Bayona. Spicer said, “It is not as if the situation is under control andwe are in the process of recovery. We still don’t know how long it willcontinue and how drastic the effects will be on our industry and ourculture.”In spite of the oil spill, Bayona and many New Orleans restaurants are ableto put out amazing food and meet their customers’ needs. “It is importantfor people to realize that all of great reasons to come to New Orleans stillexist,” Spicer said. Although this lawsuit encompasses current damages,prospective damages to the New Orleans restaurant industry are the primaryfocus. Spicer said, “Just as after Katrina certain restaurants were able tosurvive, we are now losing many of the smaller restaurants and seafoodrelated businesses that make up the fabric of New Orleans and the GulfCoast.”Access to local Gulf seafood is diminishing and more expensive than it wasbefore the oil spill. Despite stringent safety measures being taken toensure that no tainted seafood is sold, customers --- both locally andnationwide --- are beginning to avoid Gulf seafood products. “I have greatconfidence in my local vendors and the local products that I am serving, butI know my suppliers are suffering from the reality of a diminished supplyand the misperception that all Gulf seafood is unsafe,” said Spicer.“I’m proud to be a part of such a resilient community. I also feel stronglythat British Petroleum needs to be held accountable for its negligence,”Spicer said.Susan Spicer is the chef/owner of Bayona, Mondo, and Wild Flour Breads.Spicer also sits on the Board of the Gulf Restoration Network, anorganization in which she has been active for several years.( The Gulf Restoration Network’s mission is uniting andempowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the GulfRegion for future generations. Spicer is also a long-standing member of theChef’s Collaborative, which focuses on sustainability issues, includingseafood.For information about this lawsuit, please contact Serena Pollack at504-589-0277 ( or Jeffrey Hoffman at 504-589-0256(

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Gracie Allen Award Winner! Outstanding Interview Program

I opened the letter and it read:

Congratulations! On behalf of American Women in Radio and Television it is my pleasure to congratulate you as a winner of the esteemed Gracie Award for your entry: Sunday Brunch: Confections of a Closet Master Baker, in the Outstanding Interview Program or Feature category.

It was wonderful.
It is a great honor and tremendous validation for the Food & Wine Radio Network.
The Alliance for Women in Media ( the new name of the American Women in Radio & Television) are the organization that

The entire list of 2010 winners puts us in some very esteemed company.

2010 Gracie Awards ~ National Award Winners
(In Alphabetical Order)

Laura McKenzie’s Traveler: Vietnam Outstanding Magazine Associated Television International
Larry King Live - Interview with Katherine Callaway Hall Outstanding Talk Show - News CNN

Lockup Special Investigation – Lake County Juvenile JusticeOutstanding Series MSNBC

Martha Stewart in The Martha Stewart ShowOutstanding Host - Entertainment/Information Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Productions

Meet the Press - A Woman's NationOutstanding Interview Program or FeatureNBC News

Melissa Lee Outstanding Host - News CNBC

Niecy Nash in Reno 911 Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy Series Comedy Central

Peri Gilpin in Make It or Break It Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series ABC Family

Police Women of Broward CountyOutstanding Commercial TLC

Ramona Meets Jimmy CarterOutstanding Comedy Greater Media Charlotte

Rape in America: Justice Denied Outstanding Investigative Program or Feature CBS News

Riders, Friends, Rivals Outstanding Online Video

Robin Meade in Morning Express with Robin Meade Outstanding Anchor - News or News Magazine HLN

Selena Gomez in Wizards of Waverly PlaceOutstanding Female Rising Star in a Comedy Series Disney Channel

Shailene Woodley in Secret Life of an American Teenager Outstanding Female Rising Star in a Drama Series ABC Family

Sharon Gless in Burn NoticeOutstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series USA Network

Sherri Shepherd in Sherri Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series Lifetime Networks

World Vision Report Outstanding Magazine World Vision Report
SouthlandOutstanding Drama Warner Brothers Television/TNT

Sunday Morning - Table for One Outstanding Soft News Feature CBS News

The Dr. Oz Show Outstanding Talk Show - Entertainment/Information ZoCo Productions

The Science of Spirituality Outstanding DocumentaryNPR

The Wonder Pets Outstanding Children/Adolescent Animated ProgramNickelodeon/Little Airplane Productions

Unlikely Refugees Outstanding Hard News Feature NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Wanda Sykes: I'ma Be Me Outstanding Special or Variety HBO (The Dr. Phil Show)Outstanding Web site -Information/Entertainment Dr. Phil Show / CBS Television Distribution

30 Rock Outstanding ComedyNBC

Adoption DiariesOutstanding Reality Show Wetv

Amy Poehler for The Mighty B! Outstanding Producer - Entertainment Nickelodeon

Andrea MitchellOutstanding Reporter/CorrespondentNBC News

Barbara Walters - Here's Barbara Outstanding Talk Show - Entertainment/Information Sirius XM Radio

Brenda BreslauerOutstanding Producer - News NOW on PBS

Brooke Elliott in Drop Dead DivaOutstanding Female Rising Star in a Comedy SeriesLifetime Networks

Cami McCormick Outstanding Reporter/CorrespondentCBS Radio News

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric: Death of Walter Cronkite Outstanding Breaking News Coverage CBS News

CNN Presents - Black in America 2 Outstanding DocumentaryCNN

Culturetopia PodcastOutstanding PodcastNPR

Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama SpecialHBO

Drug Addiction and Misery Increase in AfghanistanOutstanding Series NPR

Fight with Style Breast Cancer PSA Outstanding Public Service Announcement The Style Network

Gayle King in The Gayle King ShowOutstanding Host - Entertainment/InformationOprah Radio

Georgia O'KeeffeOutstanding Portrait/Biography Sony Pictures Television/Lifetime Networks

Glenn Close in Damages Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama Series or Special Sony Pictures Television/FX

Gossip Girl Outstanding Drama The CW

Half the Xinjiang Sky Outstanding Web site - News Radio Free Asia

Her Story Outstanding Sports Program ESPN

Irene Taylor Brodsky for The Final Inch Outstanding Director - News HBO

Jada Pinkett Smith for Hawthorne Outstanding Producer - Entertainment Sony Pictures Television/TNT

Janelle Haskell Outstanding Producer - Entertainment AARP

Jessica Yellin - Political WomenOutstanding Hard News Feature CNN

Katie Jacobs for HouseOutstanding Director - EntertainmentFOX

Kick Like A Girl Outstanding Children/Adolescent Non-Animated Program HBO

Local, Public and Student Award Winners(In Alphabetical Order)
See also:
National Award Winner

Legacy Bank Outstanding Soft News Feature WISN-TV Market: Local 26+ Milwaukee, WI
Liberia’s Long Road Back Outstanding Series WNET.ORG Market: Public New York, NY
LiveHopeLove Outstanding Documentary Outer Voices Market: Public Healsburg, CA
Mabel's Story: Abuse in Later Life Outstanding Hard News Feature Minnesota Public Radio Market: Public St. Paul, MN

Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita Outstanding Documentary Kartemquin Educational Films Market: Public Chicago, IL

Mirror MirrorOutstanding Magazine KTRK-TV Market: Local 1-25 Houston, TX

MSL Educational Forum: The Girls Come Marching Home Outstanding Talk Show - Entertainment/Information Massachusetts School of Law Market: Local 1-25 Andover, MA

My Parents' Keeper Outstanding Series KNX 1070 Market: Local 1-25 Los Angeles, CA

Ontario Today: Black Hair Outstanding Talk Show - Entertainment/Information CBC Ottawa Market: Public Toronto, ON

Pam Krueger Outstanding Host - Entertainment/Information NETworth TV Productions Market: Public San Francisco, CA

PSA Campaign: Ronald McDonald House Outstanding Public Service Announcement FM 107.1 WFMP Market: Local 1-25 Southfield, MI

Quality Enhancement Program Spot Outstanding Commercial GMU-TV Market: Local 1-25 Fairfax, VA

Reproductive Health in Africa Outstanding Investigative Program or Feature North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC Market: Public Durham, NC

Robin Shannon Outstanding Anchor - News or News MagazineWFUV-FM Market: Public Bronx, NY

Sable Petersen Outstanding Producer - Entertainment Brigham Young University Market: Student Provo, UT

Shut Out: Jobs on LockdownOutstanding Hard News Feature Bloomberg Radio Market: Local 1-25 New York, NY

Sunday Brunch: Confections of a Closet Master Baker Outstanding Interview Program or Feature Food & Wine Radio Network Market: Local 26+ Tucson, AZ

The Fall of the City Outstanding Drama WNYC Radio Market: Public New York, NY

The Lisa Wexler Show Outstanding Talk Show - News Groucho Productions, LLC Market: Local 26+ Norwalk, CT

The War That Never Ends Outstanding Documentary WTOP Radio Market: Local 1-25 Washington, DC

Think Out Loud: Paying for Family LeaveOutstanding Talk Show - News Oregon Public Broadcasting Market: Public Portland, OR

Thuy Vu Outstanding Reporter/Correspondent CBS5Market: Local 1-25 San Francisco, CA

Tiffany Hill Outstanding Host - Entertainment/Information WBEB Market: Local 1-25 Philadelphia, PA
Tracie Hotchner - Dog Talk Outstanding Host - Entertainment/Information WLIU 88.3 FM Market: Public Bennington, VT

Urban Camping Outstanding Soft News Feature WFUV-FM Market: Student Bronx, NY

We Exist: Girls and Women Living with AutismOutstanding Series WTHI-TVMarket: Local 26+ Terre Haute, IN
A Final Wish Granted Outstanding Hard News Feature WCVB-TV Market: Local 1-25 Needham, MA

A Soldier's Story Outstanding Hard News Feature KCET-TV Market: Public Los Angeles, CA

A Woman of No ConsequenceOutstanding Portrait/Biography Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Market: Public Toronto, ON

Amy WestOutstanding Reporter/Correspondent BYU Daily News Market: Student Provo, UT

Aurora Medina - Efecto Mariposa Outstanding Talk Show - Entertainment/Information Mariposa Productions Market: Local 1-25 Burlingame, CA

BoyfriendsOutstanding Reality Show KERA-TV Market: Public Dallas, TX

Bridgette RidgewayOutstanding Host - Entertainment/Information Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Broadcast Club Market: Student Brown Deer, WI

Bronx Radio Rookies Outstanding Series WNYC Radio Market: Public New York, NY

CBC News: The National - Comparing Notes on Captivity/Ingrid Betancourt Interview
Outstanding Interview Program or Feature Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Market: Public Toronto, ON
Christie Humphries Outstanding Blogger Market: Local 1-25 Austin, TX

Classmates with Cancer Outstanding Talk Show - News KRIV Fox 26 Market: Local 1-25 Houston, TX

Deborah Ferguson Outstanding Anchor - News or News Magazine KXAS Market: Local 1-25 Fort Worth, TX

eightWest Outstanding Magazine WOOD TV8 Market: Local 26+ Grand Rapids, MI

Engage, Enlighten, Educate Outstanding Soft News Feature George Washington University Students Market: Student Washington, DC

Exceptional Women: Voices CarryOutstanding Portrait/Biography Magic 106.7 / WMJX Boston Market: Local 1-25 Boston, MA

Exceptional Women: Voices Carry Outstanding Interview Program or FeatureMagic 106.7 / WMJX Boston Market: Local 1-25 Boston, MA

Extreme Kellie Outstanding SeriesKWGN/KDVR Market: Local 1-25 Denver, CO

Happy Birthday Jenny FlettOutstanding Soft News Feature CBC Edmonton Market: Public Toronto, ON

Heart of the HuddleOutstanding Soft News Feature KTRK-TV Market: Local 1-25 Houston, TX

Hurricane Charley Five Years Later Outstanding Series 92.5 FOX News Market: Local 26+ Ft. Myers, FL

In Verse: Women of Troy Outstanding Soft News Feature WNYC Radio Market: Public Brooklyn, NY
Janet Ivey - Exploring Microgravity Outstanding Children/Adolescent Non-Animated Program Janet's Planet, Inc. Market: Local 26+ Hendersonville, TN

Kathryn Mishell Outstanding Producer - Entertainment KMFA Market: Public Austin, TX

Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon Outstanding Interview Program or Feature KOOP Radio Market: Public Austin, TX

Kingsbridge Armory Outstanding Hard News Feature WFUV-FM Market: Student Bronx, NY

Kristine Pratt Outstanding Director - News BYU Daily News Market: Student Provo, UT

Lauren Naymie Outstanding Anchor - News or News Magazine WFUV-FM Market: Student Bronx, NY

Double D Dosas

Eat Your Heart Out

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm mixing with all the Big Shots

I'm mixing with all the Big Shots
Having a swell time

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Second Acts and Other Happy Endings: Confections of a Closet Master Baker Launches Today

I am not a therapist. I am not a priest, rabbi or minister. But if the delicious, new, wickedly funny, confessional memoir with recipes by baker Gesine Bullock-Prado is any hint at what I have been missing, I might have to rethink the second act of my life, and start hearing confessions. But that is exactly what "Confections of a Closet Master Baker" is all about, the choice we get to script the second act of our lives and have the story play out as we wish and end as we dream it might. In the second act we get to find our true selves, shed our agendas and regrettable regimens for that which makes us truly happy. It is how to get rich. As in having the richest life possible and living up to one's potential. Sadly, it is where Julie Powell left off in Julie & Julia, and where Bullock-Prado takes up and soars. This book is as impossible to put down as a real passionfruit French macaroon. Ironic that for this recovering lawyer and Hollywood insider that her path might inevitably lead back to story-telling and the business she escaped from. Enlightenment takes many strange forms and travels many twisty routes. This one is a beauty. It is real and compelling and current and charming. It is almost unfair how smart this book is. The use of language is sharp and precise and sophisticated. It is studded with bon mots, expletives and German love taps like currants ( or in this case dried cranberries, p.42) in the perfect scone; just right. This is a women who clearly loves words as much as she loves sweets, and whose mastery of both is on full display in this memoir like a full bake shop case at the start of the day. Confession time of my own. At the risk of losing my culinary credibility, and in spite of the fact that I am a pretty good cook who uses love & butter in every dish. I have a James Beard Award, my own TV & radio programs about food, and I have been a judge in the National Pie Championships, but no matter how I try, I am a terrible baker. I suck. I couldn't bake my way out of a paper bag. (My sister came into the kitchen one time and asked incredulously " what the hell are you making? every pan in the house cake?" Actually that day I was attempting to make popovers. Don't ask. ) In the inspiring self-exploratory spirit of this book I offer my own culinary vulnerability as context. Baking is hard. I know what I am doing and it is really difficult to do well enough to serve to family & Friends, let alone to sell to others. Like all seemingly simple things it requires the gifts of patience, precision,love and faith. All things I like to think I have. Still my popovers sink. Gesine Bullock-Prado's popovers don't sink and her French macaroons are delicious, and her Opera Cake is majestic. "Confections of a Closet Master Baker" on sale September 8, 2009 from Broadway Books is perfect. If you thought Eat,Pray, Love motivating and found Julie & Julia was worthy you will love Confections. We cheer the little sweet-toothed smarty-pants who has risen to discover her own crown and claim to the Diva DNA she was born with. The Diva of Dough, which for this daughter of an Opera star, reads like a satisfying Hollywood ending. Tune in to "Sunday Brunch" on the Food & Wine Radio Network Sunday September 13, 2009 at 2pm AZ time on for a live, exclusive interview with the author. Her well written blog is

Met the best ..

Met the best 'lil cocktail shaker in town

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